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  • Black, as your power color, embodies privacy, intellectual sophistication, and mystery. Far from one to just follow the flow of things, your fierce uniqueness either is or should be a point of pride. For you, Black represents the power we can have in life, and also the complete certainty of many parts of existence. Stern, reserved, and fiercely independent, this color empowers you in every aspect of the word. Whether wearing stark Black to make a statement, driving a jet black vehicle, or choosing to adorn your living quarters with this sharp shade – Black is your power color, and will allow you to be the person you want to be, regardless of what others think or say.

  • Orange, as your power color, embodies creativity, intricate thinking, imagination, and innovation. Not a common power color, Orange directly reflects your unique perspective of the world and the people within it. Uniquely adept at reading the emotions and talents of others – you are a wonderful judge of character, and in turn a terrific teacher to others who need it most. Your imagination (and as a result, your creativity as well) knows no bounds. Orange is a striking, vibrant shade of our visible spectrum, one that has come to represent illuminated individuals such as yourself – and also happens to be a favorite color of many famous painters. Whether you choose to create works of art swirled with warm shades of amber and orange, wear it as a statement color, or feel it in the sunshine on a warm summer day – Orange is your power color, and in turn will be your muse.

  • Purple, as your power color, represents wisdom, luxury, and dignity. Famous throughout history as the color of many royal families, empires, and dynasties – Purple embodies your innate regal nature and ability to succeed despite all odds. Arrogance is the wrong word to describe the confidence this color instills within you, as you are not one to flaunt your success over others. You’ve been through hell and back, and know what it is like to be on the bottom of the rung, which either will or has given you a much better appreciation of luxury – and an innate sense of accomplishment. Whether wearing purple as a sign of your own dignity or choosing to adorn your living quarters with this regal color – Purple is your power color, and will allow you to reach the heights you dream of.

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