Pure Evil


  • Your dominant emotion is happiness. You are rare in the fact that you are always smiling. You don’t let negative things bring you down. You are a glass half full kind of person and you always see the silver lining in situations. Your optimism is contagious. People can’t help but be hopeful when they’re around you. Your world is full of so much joy and happiness.

  • Your dominant emotion is love. You are a very warm, loving, sympathetic person. You always try to lend a helping hand, and you put others’ needs before your own. You are very compassionate and caring. People go to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You give unconditional love to those around you. You are also quite romantic. You treat your loved ones with the utmost respect and kindness. You also wear your heart on your sleeve, but being open about your emotions is what makes you the beautiful person you are.

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