Naked Streaker Invading Japanese TV Show

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  • You’re a bad ass genius! You’re unique because of your shining brilliance, impressive ingenuity and rare resourcefulness. You’re a genius! You don’t give yourself enough credit and it’s likely that you were misunderstood as a child, but it’s your time to shine! Sound silly? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Life is only going to get better as you get older because others will learn to appreciate how damn smart you are! You’re a highly advanced and unique thinker with rare problem-solving skills that may intimidate some, but are really quite impressive. Based on your answers throughout this quiz, it’s abundantly clear that you’re an independent thinker with serious genius potential!

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  • You’re the creative surrealist! You’re a blast from the future with your revolutionary thinking and mental creativity. Whether you feel like an old soul or completely lost in this world, you’re a surrealist at heart. You may not realize it yet, but you see the world through a unique lens that very few people can relate to. This may be frustrating to you at times but it also gives you incredible insight. You have a way of seeing things that enables you to create, think, see, dream and speak in completely radical and new ways. You have the mind of an artist. Tap into your creative potential and you can make a huge impact.

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