What Kind of House Should You Live In?

Would you feel more at home in a beach house, an old Victorian mansion, or are you meant for something else? Take this test and find out what kind of house best suits your personality!

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  • Passionate & Full of Zest
    Based on your associations with the abstract, you are a dramatic, creative, self-confident person. You are hungry for life and love having a good time with people always around you. You love challenges and using your mind to solve the most difficult problems or using your strong arguing skills to get yourself out of tricky situations. Sometimes you can get consumed by your own ego and ignore the needs of others, but most of the time you have too many friends because you are so generous and loyal. Arrogance and laziness are flaws that you can sometimes exhibit, but when you are set on achieving something, and passionate about what you are doing, you will stop at nothing to succeed. You are sincere and expressive with your heart and love communicating how you feel to those you mean the most to you. Your zest and energy is contagious.

  • Tenacious & Sensitive
    Based on your associations with the abstract, you are an intuitive, sentimental and emotionally sensitive person. You can be hard to get to know and are very internal about your emotions. Sometimes you have mood swings where you can act selfish and go into fits of rage, but one of your strengths is persistent determination. You really value the feeling of home, family and comfort. You enjoy the simple things in life and you are very dedicated and loyal in your personal relationships. You always look out for the well-being of othe

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