What Happens When a Nokia 3310 Meets a Hydraulic Press?

The Nokia 3310 — the phone you either had or wish you had back in 2001 — became a success due to its reliability and slick design at the time, but it’s mostly remembered as being indestructible.

Accidentally dropped it on the asphalt on your way to work? No problem. Used it as a self-defense weapon against someone’s face? Also fine.


But what happens when you pit it against a hydraulic press? The awesome people at Hydraulic Press Channel have the answer.

This, this is what happens

Seems like the Nokia 3310 isn’t indestructible after all, but it’s still impressive how well it held under that amount of pressure — no parts flying around and the shape is still recognizable.

Something tells us that today’s phones wouldn’t fair nearly as well.

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